PPI claims on mis-sold policies

Women calling about a PPI claimThis website is intended to explain how you can reclaim Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) premiums if you've been mis-sold a policy.

Could you be eligible to claim?

If you’ve taken out a mortgage, loan, store or credit card within the last seven years, or if you have become aware of the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) mis-selling scandal of older PPI policies in the last three years, then you could be entitled to reclaim PPI premiums.

Even if the loan has finished or you no longer have the store or credit card you could still have a case to make a PPI claim for compensation.

We offer a friendly and professional service that can help you through the compensation claims process. Contact us today by completing our ‘PPI claims form’, and one of our advisors will call you back at a time suitable for you (please specify) to find out more about your case.

What does it mean for you?

Mis-sold PPI policies are widespread across the UK with estimates predicting that around 20 million people could have reason to make a claim for compensation.

This means that if a PPI policy is unsuitable and you would not be able to claim against it that it should be cancelled if you have not already done so and premiums should be reimbursed with interest. If the PPI policy is suitable but charges are unreasonably high you could get help to reclaim the PPI premium excesses and lower your monthly premiums. * Always seek qualified advice before cancelling a PPI policy.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) explained

Payment Protection Insurance was created as an insurance policy to protect people with mortgages, loans or store and credit cards should they become unable to work because of an accident, sickness or unemployment (ASU).

If you believe you have been mis-sold PPI then contact us today by using our online contact form and a specialist advisors will call you back for a no obligation chat to discuss your case.

Common PPI mis-selling reasons

  • People believing they would not be able to take out the loan/credit card without taking out PPI cover.
  • Implying that the PPI was compulsory or failing to explain that that it was optional.
  • PPI sold to self employed and unemployed people.
  • The full term of the loan period was not being covered by the PPI policy.
  • PPI policies that were added to the loan/credit card without the customers’ knowledge.
  • Customers sold PPI cover who would never be able to claim due to pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Failing to discuss crucial aspects of the policy, such as the exclusions, limitations and the ‘cooling-off’ period.
  • Failing to explain the price of the PPI separately to the overall loan quotation.

Have I got PPI cover?

Financial institutions use various different names for their PPI products, most containing words such as ‘cover’, ‘protection’, ‘insurance’ or the like, but however it is dressed up your monthly store or credit card statement, loan agreement or annual loan statements should show whether you are paying for PPI cover.

Regardless what the cover is called, if you were mis-sold PPI then we can help you make a claim for compensation.  Contact us today via our online ‘PPI claims form’ and a specialist advisors will call you back at a time suitable for you to discuss your case.