Egg PPI claims

Egg PPI Claims

The majority of banks, loan companies and credit card companies have mis-sold PPI through the years with a lot of customers being led to believe they would not be qualified for the loan or card if they didn't sign up for PPI. Many others bought unsuitable PPI policies which they would never be able to claim against, and many people were never aware that PPI had been added to their repayment premiums.

If you have had an Egg credit card or loan which had PPI included since 2005, or if you have just realised that you have had a mis-sold PPI policy during the last three years, even if you no longer hold the loan or credit card you could claim back your PPI premiums, plus interest!

Expert advisors can help you with the Egg PPI claims procedure, so why not fill out the ‘PPI claims form’ and one of the team of advisors will call you back at a time suitable for you (please specify).

PPI was designed as an insurance policy to safeguard people with mortgages, loans or store and credit cards were they to become unable to work due to an accident, sickness or unemployment (ASU).

Common PPI mis-selling reasons

  • People believing they would be unable to take out the loan/credit card without taking out PPI cover.
  • Hinting that PPI was compulsory or neglecting to explain that that it was optional.
  • PPI sold to self employed and unemployed people.
  • The full length of the loan period was not being covered by the PPI policy.
  • PPI policies that were added to the loan/credit card without the customers’ knowledge.
  • Consumers sold PPI cover who would never be in the position to claim due to pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Failing to discuss crucial aspects of the policy such as the exclusions, limitations and the ‘cooling-off’ period.
  • Failing to describe the price of the PPI separately to the general loan quotation.

Have I got PPI cover?

Finance companies use many different names for their PPI products, most comprising of words such as ‘cover’, ‘protection’, ‘insurance’ or similar, but however it is dressed up, your monthly store or credit card statement, loan agreement or annual loan statements should show whether you have purchased PPI cover.

Regardless of what the cover is labeled, if you were mis-sold PPI then you can make Egg PPI claims for compensation against Egg. Begin your complaint today online by completing the ‘PPI claims form’ and a specialist advisors will call you back at a time suitable for you to discuss your case.