Multiple PPI claims for compensation

Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was widespread a few years ago, so if you ever took out a mortgage, personal loan or opened a store card or credit card then there is a good chance you may have PPI cover on that product.  If you were mis-sold these products then you could make multiple PPI claims for the mis-sold policies.

The mis-selling of PPI products was often devious so you may not have been aware that you even had the cover with payments for the policy being incorporated into the total loan amount which would mean it also attracted the interest rate applicable over the duration of the loan.

Sales representatives would usually earn commission on the PPI products they sold, so were keen to push the products in some cases whatever it may have took.

Some common mis-selling techniques used by sales people were to lead consumers into believing that PPI cover was compulsory when in fact is was not.  Another was to sell policies to people with long standing medical problems, the self employed and those with pending a redundancy looming all of which would most likely never be able to make a  claim against the PPI policy.

However many PPI products you may have if you were mis-sold them then you are entitled to claim back your PPI premiums for all of them, plus interest!  Remember that you can reclaim PPI even if the policy has finished, and the no win no fee PPI reclaim service means that if your case is accepted it won't cost you anything if you don't win.

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