Santander PPI claims

The Abbey and Alliance and Leicester are also part of the Santander Banking Group

Santander PPI Claims

Santander Banking Group is a Spanish owned bank that has now established a sizeable foothold in the UK banking industry.  It purchased the Alliance and Leicester and the Abbey (formerly the Abbey National) that was formerly one of the UK's biggest building societies before changing to a bank in the nineties.  Also part of the Santander group are Bradford and Bingley and Cahoot.

Santander Banking Group has sold payment protection insurance that is meant to insure mortgages, credit cards and personal loans repayments if the consumer becomes unable to work through accident, sickness or unemployment (ASU). The product can offer peace of mind and be a valuable asset, but common mis-selling practices were uncovered right across the UK's financial sector.

Start your Santander PPI claims today if you think yours was mis-sold to you. Complete the contact form and an advisor will call you back for a no obligation chat about the merits of your case.

Have you been mis-sold a Santander Payment Protection Insurance policy by the Abbey or Alliance and Leicester?

If you've ever had a Santander or one of the groups personal loans, credit cards or mortgages, it may have a PPI policy included.  You should review how the policy was sold to you, or if you even knew that you had even been sold the policy, because there is a possibility it was mis-sold to you by the banks financial advisors or telesales staff.

How can we help?

If you would like to carry out a Santander PPI claim for compensation and would like help, or if you require help to make a mis-selling claim against any other bank, building society or financial institution, then complete the contact form and a specialist advisors will call you back to discuss your case.

You can use a no win no fee service for your complaint, meaning that if your Santander PPI claims cases are accepted and don't win, it won't cost you a penny.  Don't forget you may be able to reclaim payment protection insurance premiums - with interest!