Standard Life PPI claims

Standard Life part of the Barclays Banking Group

Standard Life PPI Claims

Standard Life is part of the Barclays Group which is one of Britain’s largest banking groups.

Through the 2008 banking crisis the Barclays Banking Group opted to get investment from the Middle East rather than opt for government bailouts funded by the UK's taxpayers as some other major UK banks did.

Standard Life sold payment protection insurance (PPI) that is supposed to insure credit cards, mortgages and personal loans repayments if the customer is unable to work through accident, sickness or unemployment (ASU). The product can be an excellent asset, but extensive mis-selling has been uncovered right across the UK banking sector.

Make contact today to reclaim Standard Life PPI if you believe it was mis-sold to you. Complete the online contact form and an expert advisor will call you back to chat about the merits of your Standard Life PPI claims case.

Other members of the Barclays group are the Woolwich and Barclaycard who have all mis-sold PPI policies.

Have you been mis-sold a Standard Life PPI policy?

If you've ever had a Standard Life PPI policy you should review how the policy was sold to you, or if you knew that you had even been sold the policy, because there is a possibility it was mis-sold to you by the banks financial advisors or telesales staff.

How can I get help with Standard Life PPI claims?

If you would like assistance to carry out Standard Life PPI claims for compensation, or a PPI claim against any other bank, building society or financial institution, then complete the contact form and a specialist advisors will call you back to discuss your case.

You will get a no win no fee service if your case is accepted, meaning that if you don't win, it won't cost you a penny.  Don't forget you can reclaim PPI premiums - with interest!